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What Makes Us...Us

A team of engineers developing innovative preservation solutions.

  • water treatment

    remove impurities for superior water quality

  • Cigar Humidification

    maintain your cigars

  • Extend Freshness

    extend product freshness

  • Preserve Wine Quality

    preserve wine quality

  • Optimize Yeilds

    optimize yeilds and reduce loss

  • customizable solutions

    solutions for your growing needs

  • Assembled in the USA

    assembled in Metro Atlanta

  • storage solutions

    humidification and air purification systems

  • livestock processing

    livestock processing

Providing customized systems for your applications.

  • controlled humidification

    engineering controlled humidity systems for rooms of all sizes

    Dry fog keeps products fresh without wetness

  • aeroponic systems

    water efficient, fully customizable aeroponic growing systems

Aguair's Products